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METSA BOARD'ın 400.000 ton kapasiteli yeni makine yatırımı | 26/09/2014

Üyemiz Bozboğa Kağıtçılık firmasının distribütörü olduğu Avrupa’nın mevcut en büyük tonajlı FBB Bristol Karton üreticisi konumundaki METSA BOARD firması, Husum-İsveç’ te 2016 başında üretime başlamak üzere 400.000 Ton/yıllık kapasiteli yeni makine yatırımı yapmıştır.

Bu yatırım sonrası, en büyük Avrupalı FBB üreticisi konumundaki MetsaBoard, diğer üreticilerle arasındaki tonaj farkını iyice açmaktadır. Yeni makinede, ağırlıklı olarak GIDA sektörüne yönelik kartonlar üretilmesi öngörülmektedir.


İlgili resmi duyuru yazısı aşağıdadır.


Dear customer,

Metsä Board Corporation has on December 10, 2014 announced to invest

approximately EUR 170 million in a new folding boxboard machine at its

Husum mill in Sweden. After this investment, our company will be able to

produce roughly 1.3 million annual tonnes of folding boxboard in total.

First of all, I want to thank you for the trust you have shown towards Metsä Board.

We have been pleased to see that the demand for our fresh fibre based

paperboards has been growing during the past years. This demand has

encouraged us to develop our operations so that we can continue to fulfil our

customers’ needs on all continents.

The capacity of the new folding boxboard machine to be built in Husum is

approximately 400,000 tonnes per annum and it will start up in early 2016. We

expect that the full production capacity will be reached by the end of 2016. This new

folding boxboard capacity from Husum is planned to be sold mainly to North America,

as well as to the food segment globally.

Husum as our biggest mill integrate comprises a large two-line pulp mill, state-of-theart

coating technology, an efficient power plant, and own harbour. In 2013, we

already started to produce linerboards at Husum mill and expect to be able to

increase liner production further in the near future. On the other hand, the mill’s

paper production is now planned to be discontinued mostly at the end of 2015 and

fully by the end of 2017.

For a full picture of our strategic plans, please, take the opportunity and invite your

Metsä Board contact to share views with you on business. You are also welcome to

visit us at metsaboard.com for more information. We strongly believe that all the

measures we are now taking strengthen our possibilities to answer to your

expectations with safe, lightweight paperboards.

Yours sincerely,

Metsä Board Corporation

Mika Joukio

Chief Executive Officer